To begin this assignment, first review the Theory of Personality  Project Description and Scoring Guide in the Resources. The project  description provides the context for this assignment. Then, review the  feedback you received from your instructor on the first component of  this project, the Theory Choice and Research paper you submitted in Unit  8. Be sure to integrate any comments and suggestions about that paper  into your final paper.

To complete this assignment, write and submit an 11- to 12-page paper  (excluding title and references pages)

  • Title page.
  • Abstract: One paragraph on a separate page. This  should be a succinct summary of your paper’s purpose, main points,  findings, and conclusions. It is best to write the abstract after the  rest of your paper is complete.
  • Introduction: One or two paragraphs. In this section, be sure to identify the theory you selected and briefly explain why it interests you.
  • Theory evaluation: A minimum of three pages.  Evaluate the selected theory. Begin by describing the theory’s key  concepts and etiology, and then thoroughly evaluate its key insights,  gaps, and contributions to an understanding of personality development.  Include an evaluation of how factors such as gender, culture, ethnicity,  and age can impact this theoretical perspective.
  • Rationale for theory selection: A minimum of two  pages. Justify the applicability of the theory to your area of  specialization. Provide a detailed argument and supporting evidence for  its selection. This section should include at least three key points.
  • Application of theory to specialization: A minimum  of five pages. Expand your discussion of the applicability to the theory  to your area of specialization into a detailed plan for applying it in  practice. Develop strategies based on the theory and describe how and  when you would use them. Provide detailed arguments and evidence to  support your planned strategies and implementation.
  • Conclusion: One or two paragraphs.
  • References page: Must include at least five scholarly resources integrated into the paper.

Include citations as appropriate, using APA format (current edition).

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