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Identify and discuss the 4 reasons offered in the Culture and Counseling Process section (chapter 1) for why diverse clients may prematurely terminate or avoid counseling services. What can counselors do to mitigate these factors and to encourage these individuals to trust the counseling process?Must be 400 or more and must include 1 cited, academic resource published within the last 5 years.Students who use sub paragraph headers to highlight the various parts of their Db normally get higher scores for their work then students who write on very long paragraph or a series of paragraphs with no headers.Here are the suggested headers to use EVERY WEEK for your Db Threads. This week you are to PICK one of the four topics given and use the following sub headers to frame your response:HSCO Issue/ Problem Description based on the Issue you selectYour Response/ Recommendations to all the questions under the Issue you select.Your “topic specific” Biblical World ViewRemember that you are to provide ACADEMIC REFERENCES and direct scripture references to support your position following APA writingformat guidelines.Book is listed on kindle:Username:  [email protected]Password: march21Book is Developing Multicultrual Counseling Competence

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