reinforcement and punishment

Chapter 6

1. Search for short youtube/vimeo video on a famous psych LEARNING experiment (max 6 min video)

2. Briefly summarize the video – include link to video (minimum 200 words)

3. In addition to your summary, explain why you chose this video. What type of “learning” is being demonstrated (classical, operant, cognitive)

Chapter 6 leisure activity


Give your own example of each of the following:

a. Positive Reinforcement

b. negative reinforcement

c. positive punishment

d. negative punishment

Chapter 7


1. Define practical intelligence (textbook definition). Describe a situation in which you would need to use practical intelligence

2. Define cultural intelligence (textbook definition). Describe a situation in which cultural intelligence would help you communicate better.

3. Define emotional intelligence. What influence do you think emotional intelligence plays in your personal life?

Chapter 7 assignment


Access two of the resources below relating to Cognition

2. Write a summary of both (300 words minimum)

3.  In addition to the summary answer the following questions: Why did you choose these two resources? What did you learn that you did not know before? What was the most fascinating aspect? Why?

Chapter 8 leisure activity


1. Describe something you have learned (you used to have to concentrate) that is now in your procedural memory (you no longer have to concentrate on it). Discuss how you learned this information.

2. Describe something you learned in high school that is now in your semantic memory.


Watch the videos relating to memory

2. Write a summary (250 words minimum)

3. Before this chapter, did you know that false memories were a thing? How likely do you believe that you have experienced this phenomenon in your lifetime? What kind of ethical questions does this raise?

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