Remaining Interview Assignment

Hello.  I have attached the initial interview paper that I submitted to the instructor and she didn’t make any changes.  The remaining just needs added.  Thanks.  The first part is what we already did for the initial paper and the remaining is for the completion.


This part was already done:

During the first week of  class you conducted your first practice interview, and in week three you  developed an Interview Guide. For this  activity, you will be using your Interview Guide, the analysis of potential  interview biases from LASA 1, and the feedback you have received from your  instructor to conduct an interview with a volunteer.

Prior to the Interview

  1. Locate an adult volunteer.
  2. Read the analysis requirements below  and ENSURE you meet them within your interview. Make sure your interview  includes:
    1. A minimum of 5 open and 5 closed  ended questions (10 total).
    2. A minimum of 5 examples of  paraphrasing, summaries, or reflections techniques (must have at least one of  each paraphrase, summary, and reflection/5 total).
  3. Gather Recording Equipment (video is  preferred).  You will need to record your  interview.
  4. Also make sure you have a watch or a  timer to keep track of the length of your interview. Make sure your interview is not less than 5  minutes long.

The Interview

  1. Needs to  be at least 5 minutes long,  but it should not be more than 10 minutes.
  2. Be prepared! Although it may not sound like it, 5 minutes is a long time in  interviewing time. If you are having  problems filling 5 minutes, go back to the interview skills you have learned  about (e.g., probing, reflections, and summaries).



After the Interview, play back the recording of the  interview.

  1. Transcribe or write out the interview completely. Be sure to write out everythingsaid during the interview
  2. After you have written the transcript of  the interview, provide a detailed analysis of the interview. On your transcript:
    1. Identify Questions Used: On your  transcript identify at least 5 closed and 5 open ended questions that you used  during the interview. Identify these on  your transcript using all caps (10 questions total).

                          For example:

      Interviewer:  How  long have you been having headaches?   CLOSED QUESTION
    2. Evaluate the Questions: After you have  identified examples of 5 open and 5 open questions in your transcript, write an  evaluation of the effectiveness of your use of questions (Approximately one  paragraph for this analysis). Explain  whether or not your questions were effective. How did your client respond to your questions? How would you improve the effectiveness of  your questions?
    3. Identify Techniques Used: Next,  identify at least 5 examples of paraphrasing, summarizing, or reflections you  used (must have at least one of each: paraphrase, summary, and  reflection). Again, use all caps on your  transcript to identify each technique.

                          For example:

      Interviewer: So  it’s been several weeks since you’ve been able to sleep without problems? PARAPHRASE
    4. Evaluate the Techniques: Evaluate the effectiveness of your interview  technique (Approximately one paragraph for this entire section). How did your client respond to the techniques  in the interview? How do you know if you were effective with these? Provide justification for your response. How could you improve your use of these?                    
  3. Application:  Analysis and Summary
    1. Explain  how the information you gathered during the interview can aid in planning  treatment for your client. How can treatment of this client be more informed or  more targeted based on the information you gathered (Approximately 2-3  paragraphs).
    2. Identify  at least two possible ethical issues that could arise during your interview  (hint: go back to your Module 1 lecture for ideas about ethical issues in  interviewing).  Explain how an ethical  interviewer should deal with each of these issues. (Approximately 2-3 paragraphs).


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