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The more complex addiction becomes the more important it was to understand relationships among all elements of society (Inaba, D & Cohen, H 2015). Addiction is a very difficult disease that involves phycological, biological and sociological aspects. With social environment absolutely playing a role in anyone substance abuse. In communities, whether rural or urban, the problem of substance abuse is rampant (Malick, R 2018) It’s a huge challenge to prevent substance abuse in adolescence, adults and young adults. Mental health also plays a huge factor in the in the fight for recovery. The of number of mentally ill patients with substance problems is staggering. Offering intervention after the first mental episode has shown to help individuals from continuing into a substance abuse disorder. Personally, this course has been an eye opening and an education on the number of substance use disorders and gives a better understanding on how they occur and the treatment. We all know that our country is in a crisis when it comes to substance abuse. Opioid use runs rapid. The number of meth users is also huge as well. Everyone could probably relate to someone with a substance abuse problem or has been diagnosis with some form of mental illness. Prevention is the first line of defense. Educating individuals having programs in place to stop the devastating cycle of substance abuse and metal illness. Heading of the disease at the beginning stages will be a huge challenge. The financial burden that both mental health and substance abuse have on every aspect of society is going the be a huge barrier to overcome. Working in the criminal justice field especially with juveniles will give me the opportunity to pass on what I have had the opportunity to learn. The first stage is prevention and what better a great opportunity there will be. I’ve worked in the Juvenile Justice field for over 20yrs during that time I have been in contact will large numbers of clients that have had substance abuse problems. Lately the biggest challenge has been the use of substances along with mental health. Many, many young individuals are being diagnosed with mental health issues. The number of youths on medication for mental health issues is staggering. This could possible be the reason for the high number of substance abuse users in society. Big pharmacy seems to have a tight grip on the American society. More than the average citizen is aware of. Hopefully over the next years licensed professionals with experience in the field will be able to fight and prevent the disease of addiction. With addiction comes mental health and depression. We must now take the next steps in fine-tuning our knowledge of how to target effective prevention programs to specific populations (Leukefeld, C & Clayton, R 1995). The front line in the fight for prevention of substance abuse is the most beneficial aspect of prevention. Those with real experience are key to prevention. To have individuals in the field on the front lines that have experience, real life experience like working with families of those with addiction. Seeing how addiction effects all members of the family. How youth and communities are effected all will help with the fight for recovery. To many times programs fail due to lack of funding, and a lack of understand of the disease of substance abuse and prevention. Those that work on the front line of prevention are the most important factors to helping cure substance abuse. To many times individuals arrive at prevention programs with overeducated individuals with no frontline experience.

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