Short Story analysis: Kew Gardens by Virginia Woolf

Length: 800 words

Choosing one of the following stories:

Edith Wharton, “Roman Fever”

William Carlos Williams, “The Use of Force”

Eudora Welty, “Why I live at the P.O.”

Alice Walker, “Everyday Use”

Alice Munro, “How I Met my Husband”

William Faulkner, “A Rose for Emily”

Virginia Woolf, “Kew Gardens”

Raymond Carver, “Cathedral”

consider how the point of view and narrative voice of the story contributes to the effect and theme(s).

1. Remember to have a clear thesis statement in the first paragraph.

2. Make sure that each paragraph is coherent and develops a single idea.

3. Make sure that there is a logical connection and a grammatical transition between paragraphs.

4. Proofread!

I choose this story

Virginia Woolf, “Kew Gardens”

the organizing the essay is very important. please following it.

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