Sport Psychology Treatment Plan Application

Assignment 3: Course Project Task VI

Sport Psychology Treatment Plan Application

For the next phase of your course project, discuss research-based interventions for your selected disorder  (Anxiety Disorder in Sports) that are appropriate to the sport psychology perspective. This knowledge can be applied to the field work you will encounter in sport psychology.

It is important to clearly articulate your rationale for choosing the treatment interventions as supported by research. Interventions should not only stabilize mental health and reduce psychopathology, but they should also focus on improving resilience and increasing performance abilities.

  • Discuss a minimum of 5 intervention strategies for your selected disorder
  • Describe the research that supports using each of these strategies
  • Identify if the intervention has been shown to be more effective with certain populations
  • Discuss the role of the coach, athlete, athletic staff and/or sport psychology consultant in relation to each intervention
  • Identify how you would recommend monitoring progress with each intervention

Create a two- to three-page discussion of interventions

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