This is the Final Exam due Friday midnight eastern standard time. RELIGION

DONALD WHATLEY, Lucille MurrayContemporary History-WHATLEY

April 14, 2018 at 8:52am

There’s a study guide for the Final in Doc Sharing. You’ll have 3 1/2 hours for the Final so that will help some. Each of the four essay questions has at least three parts to it. Your response should address each part in a good paragraph or so. Take advantage of the study guide in Doc Sharing by using it to focus your studies. Your answers don’t have to be perfect but they do need to be thorough. When you open the exam take a minute or two to read through it. The Final has three pages with MC, matching, and essay questions. Read them all then go back to the beginning and work your way through it. While your doing that your brain will be retrieving and organizing information at a sub-conscious level and your essays will come together much easier. Keep an eye on the time and pace yourself. It’s better to rough out four essays and go back and polish them as time permits than to pound out one well-done essay and three incomplete ones. Be sure to include citations if you use any sources. These don’t need to be in APA format but you need to reference your sources.

Many students lose points on the essay questions because they don’t address all of the issues and questions posed in the instructions. If a question asks for two causes of an event and the consequences of that event the answer will require three components. Discussing the two causes without addressing the consequences is an incomplete answer. Also, don’t give three or four causes if only two are required. More is not always better. And stay focused. If the question asks about Cuban Missile Crisis don’t write a paragraph on the Bay of Pigs as “background.” If the question is about nationalism (or some other “ism”) as a cause of WW I don’t give me a dictionary definition of nationalism. I know what it means but I want to find out if you know its role in causing the war.

Also, check out Study Guides and Strategies at for tons of information on various topics including reading and test taking.

Week 8: Final Exam

  • Due Apr 21 at 11:59pm
  • Points 200
  • Questions 27
  • Available Apr 14 at 11:59pm – Apr 21 at 11:59pm 7 days
  • Time Limit 210 Minutes


Here is some information about your Final Exam.

This Proficiency Exam contributes 200 points to your overall grade, so please do your very best!

  • There are 25 multiple choice questions worth 4 points each.
  • There are 2 essay questions worth 50 points each.
  • The Proficiency Exam covers all COs.
  • You have 3.5 hours to take the Proficiency Exam.
  • Remember to submit your Proficiency Exam when you are finished.
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