Urban Agriculture, Food Justice and Building Healthy Communities Discussion

Please do the reading and write 1 paragraph on each those three questions:

1. Lewis, Ford and Pratsch (2017, ch. 9 in V&B) argue that food justice requires attention to racism –that, in the case of Detroit, racism has to be uprooted in order to realize food justice. Explain. Discuss the evidence they cite.

Reading: https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/j.ctt20q2404.13.p…

2. Ventura (2017, ch. 8 in V&B) and many others highlight the importance of soil when it comes to urban agriculture, food justice and building healthy communities. Explain. What’s all the fuss about soil, why now?

Reading: https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/j.ctt20q2404.12.p…

3. What are the 5 As of Food Security as spelled out by Ventura and Bailkey (2017, pp. 21-23 in V&B). How do these authors connect community food security and food system change?

Reading : https://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/j.ctt20q2404.5.pd…

Please do the reading and write 2 paragraphs on each questions, Both of questions need to use two reading that I send:

  1. Fairfax et al. (2012, ch. 2) underscore the importance of “Framing Alternative Food.” Along similar lines, Allen, Cooley and Sims (2017, ch. 13 in V&B) argue that we need to reframe institutional power in order to bring about social and food justice. Drawing upon both of these publications, explain what is meant by “framing” alternative food and why this matters from a food justice advocacy standpoint. Weave into your essay the idea of “narrative ownership as a power shifting strategy.”
  1. Food systems are composed of, give shape to, and impact: (a) social, economic, political and cultural systems, together with (b) ecosystems, soil, water and earth’s climate. Explain how the prospect of increasing food justice in the world depends on addressing both sides of this coin: the social and ecological. Be sure to pinpoint some way the social and ecological interact. Give an example that seems hopeful (i.e., evidence suggests it may be a connection/relationship that can be amplified in ways that improve food justice and the environment).

Please use the simple language of those questions. Do not use any fancy words and only use the references I gives. Thanks

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