week 3 project management

Pretend that you are the owner of a company that performs interior painting services. You are attending a bidders conference at University and are being asked to create a scope statement (no more than 2 paragraphs) that describes the work to be done. The head of facilities presents at the conference:

“Thank you all for attending, I am very please to have these fine companies attending and creating bids to paint all of the classrooms in Xavier Hall. The Hall has five floors and there are six classrooms on each floor that require painting. Each floor has rooms numbered f00, f01, f02, f03, f04 and f05 where the f is the floor number for example the first floor has rooms 100 – 105 respectively. The bottom floor rooms start with a G (e.g. G01). The rooms are all basically the same: 9 foot height, 40 x 30. You will not be painting the ceilings or floor or windows or doors. You must remove the furniture. Our custodial team will remove projectors and white boards. The work cannot interfere with the normal classroom schedule (7 am through 9 om Monday through Thursday.) You must have a member of our security team present during the work.

The colors to be used will match the Blue, Gold and White from the university logo. We need you to choose a high quality durable paint that can withstand considerable contact. The front wall of each classroom shall be painted with an erasable marker paint. Please provide detains of your selections. The job must be completed in a six week period corresponding to a schedule set by you. Please describe your painting technique, space requirements, and conditions for acceptance. The scope statement once approved will for the basis of the contract.”

You must now use this information along with any assumptions you think you need to make to form the scope statement. The statement will be graded based on form (check what a good scope statement should and should not contain), neatness, professionalism,clarity and formal correctness.

You should use Microsoft Word, or similar word processing software, to write you scope statement; your file should be saved as a .doc or .docx

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