What are the acts or parts of Celebration & Divination, sociology homework help

When do people of different types of religions perform celebrations and why is it different for  religions of salvation and religions of structure?

What are the acts or parts of Celebration & Divination?

Why is prayer fundamental in religions of salvation?

What are some of the functions of scripture?

What do believers in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity think is the origin of their scriptures?

Why didn’t the Buddha write any scriptures?

What are some of the differences between religious functionaries in religions of salvation and religions of structure?

What are the roles of different religious functionaries in African religious traditions?

Be able to name and discuss the roles in chapter 6 such as prophet, shaman, monk, nun, etc.

Give a basic definition of sacred space, sacred time, sacred objects.  Use examples.

Can anyone who wants to establish or invent a new sacred object?  Explain your answer.

Can there be a religion without sacred space? Sacred time? Sacred objects?

Could there be a religion without a moral code?

What do morals and ethics have to do with ultimate reality?

How are morals and ethics transmitted to younger generations?  Use specific examples.

What are Adam I and Adam II?  What relation do these have to your life and those around you?

How did St. Augustine arrive at his conversion and what are some ways we can understand this? (In other words, what is the meaning or meanings of his conversion?)

How can St. Augustine be a saint when he drank, was sexually active without being married, and engaged in petty vandalism when he was young?

Why is St. Augustine considered a saint?

What continent was St. Augustine from?

Be able to give a short summary of St. Augustine’s life.

Think about what religion is.  How would you define or explain it now?  This is your opportunity to bring together the material from the whole semester.

please use this book it will help you 

introduction to religious study(Harvey.Sindima) 

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