Wk1-BMGT 365 21st century Leaders, business and finance homework help


WEEK ONE: 21st century Leaders

Learning Activity #1

Joe Jackson owned a saw mill in Stuttgart, Arkansas.  It was a family concern that had not changed in 50 years.  Having grown up in the business Joe had never really investigated the strengths and weaknesses of his position as Vice President.  His father was always the President and he and his older brother Jacob were the heirs.  The business was in turmoil because his father’s health was precarious forcing him to step down.  Joe’s brother was expecting to step up to the role of Vice President but Joe knew that was a mistake.  The business itself was quickly eroding because of the sustainability issues facing the world.  Joe could see this but not Jacob. Joe needed to have a long talk with Jacob to make him see his reasoning.  Either they worked together for the future or Joe would have to take the lead role.

Prepare an outline of points for Joe to make in his discussion with his brother. Explain the role of the 21st century leader and why it differs from that of the 20th century leader.  Make sure to use the course reading material, citing and referencing to validate the points you make.

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