Work Ability Index and Healthcare Information Technology, discussion help

Using 220 words or more with in text citation and APA format respond to the following

After reviewing an article discussing models, strategies, tools and theory in implementing evidence-based findings into healthcare practice, the information reviewed expressed how an outcome of a study can advance a theory or model through discussions of a connection to the theory or model of question which combines the research (Sales, Smith, Curran, & Kochevar, 2006). Further adding information explained that an approach employed must be related to particular methods or a method’s modules that will be employed or applied to the study, and the preference of instruments need to be equivalent to the intervention as well as the complete approach, relating with the initial framework and theory (2006). The two models I discussed, Work Ability Index and the Healthcare Information Technology in prior post, suggests how the researchers use of questionnaires and surveys from the participants response concerning; healthcare professionals work performance, high turnover rate, intentions to leave profession and problems with healthcare professional retention is consistent and connects to these models consiered (Bhattachrya, & Ramachandran, 2015); and (Derycke , Clays, Vlerick, D’Hoore, Hasselhorn, & Braeckman, 2012). I expect the outcome of my research study to show whether the models determined will provide consistent data and if I may need to consider additional models for dependable results to my study.


Bhattachrya, I., & Ramachandran, A. (2015). A path analysis study of retention of healthcare professionals in urban india using health information technology. Human Resources for Health, 13:65.doi:10.1186/s12960-015-0055.

Derycke, H., Clays, E., Vlerick, P., D’Hoore, W., Hasselhorn, H. M., & Braeckman, L. (2012). Perceive work ability and turnover intentions: A prospective study among Belgian healthcare workers. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 68(7), 1556-1566 11p.doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2012.05961.x…

Sales, A., Smith, J., Curran, G., & Kochevar, L. (2006). Models, strategies, and tools: Theory in implementing evidence-based findings into healthcare practice. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 21(2), 43-49. Retrieved from

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