World Studies

o How does the evolution of children’s welfare and protection in Canada reinforce the accusation that Canadian Governments and authorities were racist against Aboriginal peoples?o What does Colonization refers to?o How was the Indian Act modified in 1951?o What was “operation soap”o What was Canada’s Orphan Act of 1799?o What were the The Butterbox Babies?o Define the term “oppression”?o What is “The Battered Woman Syndrome”?o There are different opinions about Globalization and Outsourcing. What do proponents of globalization argue versus those who are against it? Try to come up with an example for each. ( max 2-3 paragraphs)o What corporations can you name that have a global reach? Consider both U.S./Canadian firms operating abroad, and firms located elsewhere that do business in the United States.o What international goods or services do you purchase? Name a few.o What common social issues are faced by both Canadians and Americans? Think of health care, education, poverty and immigration? How do they differ?o Canada’s immigration focus is on INTEGRATION vs USA focus is on ASSIMILATION. Explain the difference.o What American sport has gone “global”? Name a few players from different countries.Latin AmericaAnswer the following questions. State what they are and why are they important for this region? (Latin America)DEPENDENCY THEORYMAQUILADORAMERCOSURTwo major      legacies of Colonialism are religion and language. What countries      colonized Latin America? Why were they so successful? What languages are      dominant today in Latina America?AFRICAResources to look at:- On line resources such as:,-  (watch the video) the following questions:Summarize in      your own words The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (1 paragraphs      max)According to the video what were some of      the countries affected by ethnic conflict involving diamonds?What /who is the      RUF? How did this group use diamonds and for what purpose? What is the name      of lucrative diamond district in Sierra Leone?What/who is      UNITA? Where did this group operate?What is Global      Witness? Where it located and what is its focus?Briefly      summarize the history of De Beers Company. Why was this company so      successful in capturing 90% of the world diamond trade?What was the      human cost of conflict diamonds? How the horrors of blood diamonds did      capture world’s attention?East AsiaWhat is Confucianism? What does it stress/focus on?Search the internet for “opium wars? What were they?      Who fought them? Why?How does geopolitical situation look like in East Asia      today? Look at each country and determine which ones do get along? Which      ones do not?Middle EastWhat is OPEC? Who are members of OPEC? Why is OPEC so powerful?What is a theocratic state (country)?What is Shari’a law?What 5 countries in the Middle East are oil rich?

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