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Employee Development Plans: A Proposal and Presentation

In your career in human resources, you will likely be required to create proposals and deliver convincing presentations to support organizational goals. This assignment will provide you with the practice necessary to be effective at making recommendations for the organization and presenting the information. For this interactive assignment, you are tasked with delivering a five- to seven-minute persuasive presentation to upper management demonstrating the value of employee development to support the current and future needs of the organization.

Part I: Review the Scenario

ABC Athletics Co. is a mid-sized company (i.e., 100 to 500 employees) that specializes in the production of athletic apparel. Along with retiring employees, the organization has also seen an increase in turnover rates among production workers in the past five years. As the newly hired human resources (HR) director for ABC Athletics Co., one of your first priorities is to implement an employee development program that will assist employees in career and personal development, help employees reach short and long-term career goals, as well as improve current job performance.

After meeting with members of your HR team, reviewing existing records, and holding discussions with upper-level and mid-level managers, you discover several alarming facts about the current process for employee development plans. One mid-level manager shared, “Because turnover among production employees is extremely high, no one on the management team sees it necessary to create development plans for production employees. Only managers have development plans, and we maintain those with the annual performance review process.” Currently, little emphasis is placed on employee development plans within the organization. HR records show only a small percentage of employees participated in a developmental activity in the past year and the company does not designate a budget for development activities. To rectify the issues, you must communicate the benefits of employee development and gain the approval of upper management to make needed changes.

Part II: Create a Proposal

Write a two to three double-spaced page proposal. Your proposal should

  • Describe examples of employee development activities.
  • Evaluate the information presented in the case scenario.
  • Explain the value of employee development to the organization.
  • Explain the value of employee development to the individual.
  • Identify the necessary next steps to implement employee development plans.
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