3 Part Graphic design Project Help, graphic design homework help

Can someone help me with this 3 part graphic design project ASAP. Thanks

I need help completing Project 1 then Project 2 and last Project 3 , please see the attachments

Project 1

Create a original logo for an IT business


  The logo can be an icon or typography. If an icon is used, typography MUST be used.

  Design MUST be original. You cannot take an existing logo and alter it. Only use examples as inspiration.

  The logo must be completely vector. Not bitmap/ raster images can be imported.

  Use at least two (2) PANTONE (spot) colors. No more than three (3) colors.

  The logo must be converted into black and white.

  Design Process must be submitted: Rough Sketches/ Variations (variations can be in digital form)

  Design statement — Write a one-page design statement explaining your concept, design process, and any significant production methods. (12pt. type—Times, Helvetica, or Arial).

  The final logo needs to be in the native Illustrator format (.ai extension) as well as a PDF file. You must create 3 final versions of the logo (Download examples):

  Color – At least 2 PANTONES

  Black and White

  Color and BW side by side – Reduced 50%

  Artboard size should 8.5 x 11. The logo must be centered inside the artboard. (Download example)

What is a Logo?

A logo is a sign, symbol, trademark or badge which conveys the identity or ownership of a product, company, campaign or concept in as memorable a way as possible.

How are logos used?

A logo can be used in many different forms, sizes, and contexts. For example, the logo for a hotel could be printed on a letterhead or menu, embroidered onto a napkin or jacket, embossed on metal cutlery or illuminated as a huge neon sign on the side of the building.

What are the basic qualities of a good logo?

A logo should be simple so that it retains its clarity of design in different contexts. If it is too complicated, its details may be lost when it is reduced in scale. Also, a simple logo design is faster to read, easier to remember and consequently more instantly identifiable. The ‘I Love New York’ logo by Milton Glaser, one of the most reproduced logos ever, illustrates most of these basic qualities.

1  Look for inspiration using your favorite search engine or social media platform.

2  Pay attention to design principles to create an effective design

Gestalt Principles


Design Statement

Exceptional design statement explaining the concept, idea and process were submitted.

Concept/ Idea

There was an exceptional idea behind the use of the image, icon or typography. The concept is very well developed.


All deliverables (Illustrator file, PDF, PNG file, Packaged Folder and sketches) were submitted.


Exceptional use of typography. There is excellent cohesiveness between the font usage and the client or organization.


All color requirements were met.


All of the production requirements were met: (Size of file, project logo is used and scaled within design, Copy on back, barcode, image embedded —where necessary.)

Workmanship (Line Quality)

All lines and points are completely smooth and not jagged

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