ada american s with disabilities act

ADA – American’s with Disabilities Act

Introduction and Alignment

The ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] is a federal civil rights law that was passed in 1990 and went into effect beginning in 1992. Its purpose is to protect people with disabilities from discrimination in employment, in the programs and activities offered by state and local governments, and in accessing the goods and services offered in places like stores, hotels, restaurants, football stadiums, doctors’ offices, beauty parlors, and so on. The focus of Title 1 of the ADA prohibits discrimination in employment and requires employers to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities. (Job Accommodation Network [JAN], n.d., p. 5)

For this Dropbox assignment, you will read the Chapter 9—“Workers with Disabilities” in the textbook and review the JAN (n.d.) publication titled Employer’s Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Upon successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:

  • Formulate plans to avoid risk in both everyday operations and times of crises, with application to the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Background Information

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free service of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy. JAN consultants have been providing job accommodation information to employers since 1983 after JAN was founded. In addition, JAN consultants have been providing information to employers about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) since 1992 when the ADA went into effect. Over the years, JAN consultants have developed practical ideas to help employers provide job accommodations and comply with the ADA. The Employer’s Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act is a summary of some of the most frequent issues that employers have regarding accommodations and ADA compliance and JAN’s practical ideas for resolving them. As new information is available or new issues develop, the Guide [is] updated to reflect the changes. (JAN, n.d., p. 3)

Job Accommodation Network. (n.d.). Employer’s practical guide to reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Retrieved from


  1. Review Chapter 9—“Workers with Disabilities” in The Employer’s Legal Handbook. ISBN 978-1-4133-2399-3
  2. Download and review the Employer’s Practical Guide to Reasonable Accommodation.
  3. Download and read the article “ADA Compliance and Reasonable Accommodation in Crisis Management: A Suggested Action Plan for Employers”
  4. Open and read the web page article titled Essential Job Functions Under the ADA. At…
  5. For this Dropbox, you will complete a three-part assignment, to include: (1) a response paper, (2) workplace accommodation policy and procedures (Appendix in the paper), and (3) two workplace accommodation plans using selected cases studies and a workplace accommodations template provided in the Doc Sharing folder.
    1. Response Paper. Download the WS3_3.4 Dropbox Response Paper Template. Save the document by adding your name to the file. Be sure to respond to each of the essay questions using single spacing and keeping within the word count range.
    2. Response Paper Appendix—Work Accommodation Policy and Procedures. Complete the appendix of the response paper. Use the headings provided and single spacing for the paragraphs, with double spacing between each of the paragraphs. The completed policy and procedures should be approximately two pages in length.
    3. Workplace Accommodation Plans. Complete a workplace accommodation plan template for each of two selected case studies.
      1. Download and save the WS3_3.4 Dropbox Case Studies.
        1. Select 2 cases from the list of 8 cases for completion of workplace accommodation plans.
        2. Click on the hyperlink for the selected case studies to review the job description (tasks, technology skills, knowledge, abilities, and so forth). If the case job title hyperlink does not work well for you, simply go to the O*Net site and look up the job number and job title. By reviewing the job duties, you will have a better understanding of what accommodations will be needed based on the situation. (In the workplace, the HR manager would typically use the job description on file.)
      2. Download the WS3_3.4 Dropbox Case Study Workplace Accommodation Plan Template. Save two copies of the case study template with the case study number and job, and your name as part of the file name, according to the following example: 3.4_Workplace Accommodation Plan_Case 2 Tellers_Student Name
        1. Complete the workplace accommodation plan based upon the reading resources provided in this workshop and additional research for specific workplace needs related to the situation, as applicable.
        2. Be sure to use critical thinking and creativity for how best to reasonably accommodate each individual with a disability.
  6. Answers must be substantive with use of the language of business and employment law. See the Assignment Criteria grading rubric for assignment expectations.
  7. Before submitting this assignment, thoroughly edit the written paper:
    1. Run a Word spelling and grammar check and make corrections as needed.
    2. Run a Grammarly report and make appropriate changes. Click on Grammarly to learn more about the software. Click on the following link for Grammarly sign-up to set up an account.
    3. Check for proper APA 6e Guide formatting, citations, and references.
    4. Checkmark the instructions for this assignment and checkmark the rubric to be sure your paper has fulfilled all requirements.
  8. When you have completed and edited your assignment, save a copy of all documents.
  9. Submit in a SINGLE SUBMISSION all three (3) documents: the response paper and the two case study workplace accommodation plans.

Click here to access the Dropbox.

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