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Individual Portion

  • Once your group has fully exploited the source reporting for raw intelligence, each member of the group, as an individual, must write 500–750 words analyzing the intelligence exploited by the group.
    • The analysis should address the following:
      • Do you agree with the decisions made by the group as a whole with regard to the raw intelligence exploitation? Why or why not?
      • Is there any additional information from the source reporting that you have discovered after the group discussion that would be of value to the intelligence analysis? Explain.
      • What is the purpose of the intelligence information report (IIR)? Explain.
      • With what important information will you report back to your group with regard to drafting intelligence information reports? Why is it important?
  • Compile your responses in the final individual portion paper, and submit the file to your instructor.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

This is one my classmate part of the assignment

Unit 4 Group Project Individual Portion
Professor Rock
Student: Jesse Bitela
30 January 2019

Based on the HUMINT raw data gathered from Adnon it is alleged that AKA and affiliates of AKA operating in the New York area are planning an attack during an event in New York in the next two months. Upon receiving this information and checking schedules of known major events in this area within the next two months we’ve found that the United States General Assembly is scheduled at the UN Headquarters in Manhattan, New York. Due to this area being the home of the UN and known to house UN Delegates close by in surrounding hotels and this is an area with a strong political history, not only for the US but internationally, it’s believed that attacks may be a possibility in this area of Manhattan. The HUMINT source has been proven reliable in the past and based on the information he has given we should take this information seriously and begin coordinating a plan to combat this terrorist activity in our city and our nation. We must look at individuals involved as well as groups that are affiliating with suspected terrorist and terror groups. We must engage not only the US Intelligence Community (USIC), but the local Law Enforcement’s resources of Human Intelligence and Counter Intelligence. The purpose of the following intelligence Information Report is to detail some known facts and to determine a strategy for combatting a terrorist plot on the USGA. The report will detail who the individuals and the groups are that will carry out operations and detail how they plan to do this. The report will give the needed information about possible scenarios that will help local and federal authorities come up with a strategy and planning for counter operations.

What is known is that the HUMINT intelligence is from a reliable source and that the terror group AKA will be conducting operations in our city within the next two months. The methods they will utilize are suicide bombers disguised as guests of the event and affiliates using a chemical device to block evacuation efforts. There are affiliates that have been identified by the source which the CIA will begin evaluation and analysis of information provided about the individuals involved (ZameerRayani, Alek Alothman, Randolph King). They will gather the necessary information on these individuals and begin aggressive surveillance of these individual’s activities from day to day. NSA will gather all the information and corroborate the information on Mr. King by monitoring his website and contacts he is making with AKA and any of its affiliates. Another concern is a well-known terror group that operates in the New York area and across the US, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, who currently are under surveillance in the US. We will continue to monitor their activity and share any information that may show them working with AKA. The FBI will monitor the activity of the AKA operating in Albania and intercept chatter between them and affiliates in New York or any other locations in the US. Local agencies along with federal tactical agencies will coordinate their efforts for security at the USGA and any other locations they determine to be targets. In these efforts of gathering intelligence information on subjects and groups operations will be planned for arrests of known terrorists and stop any terrorist plots from being carried out. Bi-weekly information-sharing and strategic-planning sessions will be conducted up until the event. These sessions are confidential and will be designated top-level secure and will be attended by heads of the USIC agencies and local counter intelligence officials and one designee.

The information gathered from the source about the smuggling of “Ecstasy” in bags of coffee which are making it through US Customs at the airports will be shared with local law enforcement and heads of the law enforcement at all airports in the New York and surrounding areas. We will also coordinate with the Albanian government to combat the issue at their airports. A Task Force will be created to combat this issue and aggressive checks of baggage, especially coming from Albania, will be conducted. Utilization of Narcotics Detecting Canines is one deterrent for this issue. Narcotics screening of baggage before and after flights will be priority. We will begin searching for private sector K9 screening companies to contract with Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The AKA is a criminal group as well as a terrorist group. I agree with Lonnie Johnson’s assessment about the local AKA branch leader hoping to make contact with other members. The source is a known member of AKA and known to be running drugs for the AKA which shows that the group has sources for funding. This shows that they are serious in conducting operations here on US soil.

The consensus based on the information provided is that there will be an attempt to disrupt and even possibly kill dignitaries or delegates at the USGA in New York two months from today. There are known individuals that need to be intercepted and there are known terror groups and supporters that need to be intercepted and arrested for terrorism. These AKA members and groups are funded and supported by drug operations and their ability to continue in a smuggling operation must be stopped both locally and internationally. It necessary that the efforts to curb these acts depend on the collaboration and cooperation of both federal and local resources and information sharing is key to a successful operation.

This one is my part

Analysis of Intelligence

Student’s Name

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Analysis of Intelligence

According to the source, Adnan, some AKA members based in New York are planning to conduct terrorist acts. These members have formed a subunit they refer to as AKA-NY. This group was established by a US citizen going by the name of Randolph King. According to the source, the members were planning to carry out an operation in New York during an upcoming major event in the area in the next couple of months.According to the intelligence available, the United Nations General Meeting is scheduled to take place in two months. This meeting is one of the most significant international events, and it occurs at least once annually. The United Nations has 193-member states which represent 98.97% of the entire number of countries in the world(Freeman, 2016).The United Nations General Assembly is one of the six organs of the UN where each member state is represented by one vote per member. As a result, the General Assembly is one of the most significant events in the world where delegates from each country, Albania included, meet to discuss important matters. Therefore, the information given by the source seems to describe the General Meeting. This is because of the timing of the event that the AKA members are targeting is a significant event and expected to take place at the same time as the General meeting hence the conclusion.

According to the information given, the local branch leader has been in constant communication with the other leaders and members of the group and is hoping to get the contact lists of the other members. Their main campaign is against the Albanian government.The group has been in the constant struggle against the government in the past. They adopted a more aggressive approach to fighting the government. Initially, this was done by attacking government assets within the country. However, the group is seeking to increase its efforts. Its current aim is to attack the government of Albania on a much larger scale. They plan on achieving this by striving to shame the government in front of the whole world.Therefore, it is prudent to conclude that they hope to achieve this by attacking the delegates of the country to the UN general meeting. This is because this event is of interest to all nations and as such, an attack on its delegates will attract the attention of the entire world. Hence, these terrorist activities are targeted at Albania.

According to Adnan, who is the source of intelligence on the criminal and terrorists’ activities planned to take place in this scenario, there are several groups and individuals directly or indirectly associated with criminal or terrorist activities in New York. The first group is AKA-NY which is a local branch of AKA. This group was established by Randolph King who is its leader up to date. King is reported to be trying to promote the group through a website. He is also planning on printing t-shirts with the group’s logo and selling them in the hope of popularizing it and attracting more members and raising the money needed. He is also in contact with Alek Alothman from New Jersey who is suspected to be a member and to be assisting him on his current efforts. The AKA commander, Zameer Rayani is also involved in these activities since he has been in contact with King. Al-Akzam World is a New York-based company and is said to be involved as well. The company has been sponsoring the group and giving them money to secure H1-B visas for their members to get into the USA. The members are expected to stay in the US for one year but they overstay, and in fact, some never go back. The company also allows them to fill in that they are coming to the US to work for them, but they go their own way as soon as they enter the country.

The State Intelligence Service is the foreign intelligence agency expected to use the UNGA meeting in New York to collect intelligence since they are Albania’s foreign intelligence agency. This is because it is the country that is targeted by these terrorists. All the other nation’s foreign intelligence agencies are also expected to play a role since their delegates will also be at the meeting. The Department of Homeland Security has collected the information that is provided in this case scenario above through their agents. This information is deemed to be accurate and reliable since the human intelligence source is a reliable one. Since the department has collected the intelligence, they are expected to use this information to prevent the attack from happening and capture the AKA members as well as associates. In the US, the other intelligence departments such as the CIA and the FBI are expected to step in to make sure that the danger is averted(Richelson, 2018).

The delegates that are being targeted by foreign intelligence services are Albania’s delegations. This is because the terrorists’ groups are targeting the Albanian government. They want to attack it on a larger scale and make it look bad in front of the entire world. This implies that they will be looking for the Albanian delegations and trying to attack them while in New York. The intelligence collected suggests that the group is planning to use suicide bombers disguised as part of the staff working at the meeting venue.


Freeman, M. (2016). Sources of Terrorist Financing: Theory and Typology. In Financing Terrorism (pp. 17-36). Routledge.

Richelson, J. T. (2018). The US intelligence community. Routledge.

Final part is to created a IIR report following the guidelines below:

  • Using the information from the members’ individual portions deliverables, draft a group intelligence information report (IIR) containing the raw intelligence that answers your requirements.
    • Please remember that this is not a cut-and-paste exercise.
    • As a group, you must do the following:
      • Fully exploiting the source reporting, come to a consensus.
      • Extrapolate the key pieces of information you feel meet your requirements.
        • It is up to the group as a whole to determine what information should be included in the report and what should be dismissed.
    • The group must use that information to generate a raw, unevaluated intelligence report that will be disseminated throughout the USIC and law enforcement community.
  • Determine, as a group, how the IIR will be drafted, and submit the final copy to your instructor.
    • The final document should be about 1–2 pages in length.
      • Grading will be based on quality, not quantity.
    • APA format


verything is provided and All is needed is a completed individual part separate from the final repor

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