Applying Ethics” book 11th edition (4) questions one written page in length for

#1 What are the advantages and disadvantages of Kantain or natural law approach to terrisiom? , under wich the taking of innocent life is always wrong, whether by a terrorist or in response to a terrostic attack?

#2 Are you satisified with Dershowitz’s arguement that torture is consistent with the right against self-incrimination and can be justified in certain situations, so lommg as a judge issues a “tirture warrant” ?  

#3 A judge rejected an agrument by the state of Florida that most muslim do not wear veil and that she was part of a very snall minority,  Would you agree that this should be irrelevant in this case?  If the vast majority of women in Florida wanted to wear veils when obtaining their drivers license, do you think the state of Florida would change its position on the issues here?  

#4 Do you agree with the courts the rights of the Geneva Conventions should be granted to persons the military suspects might be involved with terrisiom, even if they never had a trail or been charged with a specific offense recognized in international law?

“Applying Ethics” 11th edition book  answer all four questions one wriiten page in length for each question

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