company-issued Devices VS. Personal Devices, homework help

Discussion replies 150 words each with a reference. The posts need to be substantial in content, not just critiquing other peoples writing.


1) Company-issued Devices VS. Personal Devices.

I am still waiting for my company phone with all the emails and pictures I send out through my phone not sure why I have not tried harder to get one. My personal phone is not connected to the network in anyway, but I would think once I had a CID that it would come connected to our Wi-Fi that we have available along with the applications we use here in the office. I feel that a CID is the safer route to go rather than the BYOD since the company can set it up to their liking and add the security features they need. CID is more of this is part of the companies and feel individuals will only try to use these for work related jobs, where if it is my own device I will still be using it on a regular basis. MDM Agent software would probably be something I wouldn’t want on my own phone but if it was on the company phone it sounds like a great way to manage what is being downloaded.

2) In chapter 20 it states how a MDM solution can be used to provision devices on a corporate network. The MDM has four main components to consider and they are the mobile device, AP/WLAN Controller, MDM server, and push notification servers. A MDM server will enroll and create profiles for devices. These profiles define both the restrictions and configurations on devices, and the server can be use to montior devices. For a MDM solution certain ports have to be open such as port 443 and 5223. TCP Port 443 allows for encrypted SSL communications between the AP and MDM server. When a device first connects to the network it is placed in what is called a walled garden or essentially a restricted access area that allows use of some resources.

3) n the article, I read it explained how they experimented with mobile data collectors (MDCs) around a wireless sensor network (WSN). They used obstacle aware connectivity restoration strategy (OACRS) and FeSMoR, which also uses mix of mobile and stationary relays to restore connectivity of WSN. This explained similarities to why we would need multiple wireless access points (WAPs) in a company across different sections in the building. The Diagram they show in Figure 4 of the article explains a tour path and how while walking the path a few different ways they would move back and forth between WAPs.

In the simulation experiments, segments are randomly placed in an area of 1500 m × 1500 m with one obstacle. The number of segments “n” is varied from 3 to 13. The communication range “R” for the collection points and MDCs has been set to 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 160. When changing the number of segments, the communication range R is fixed at 100 m; and the segments count is set to 8 while varying the communication range (Ma, Yang and Qiu).

4) Heres a few topics to start with this on BYOD


  • Jail broken Phones
  • Keep OS updated
  • Use Strong Passwords
  • Use encryption technology
  • Upsides to being able to use your own phone

Bring your own Device (BYOD) is a security issue if you are allowing employees to access your network. Using a jail broken phone on your network leaves your company open to risk and is something that your employees need to be aware of. Explain that creating stronger passwords for their devices should be implemented rather than the four digit code that most devices may be prompt to only use.

Lost or Stolen

Training your employees on what the Device Seizure Policy is for the companies’ protection because if you lose your company phone they may have protocols in place to remote wipe the phone immediately. It is important to train your employees on these policies because they may be held liable if they try and wait to say when the phone was lost. You want to explain the importance of password strengthens and device tracking to help with the security

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