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4-I so agree with you, its not what you but its how you do it, i always say it never the big things that are done but its always the smallest things that is done will make a difference. Treating employees with kindness will go along way, dont tell the staff that how good their doing but show them sometimes its good to let people knows that they are appreciated and mean it and you wil get more out of them. A few weeks ago we were short staff by 4 CNA i called in a few of them they came in and work we had no grievences on monday i went into my own funds with two other nurses and give each staff members gift cards and then brought them in lunch i do this to let them know that i appreciate all they did those two days for us when they didnt have after all it was their weekend but they gave it up to come in and work, when the administrator heard she call me into the office and told me that i didnt have to do that i looked at her and said i know but the reason i do it is because i wanted to number one and i appreciate them and we need each other,  this is not a one mans band and sometimes its nice to show and tell staffs how we truly feels about them expecially if there help is needed and they come to the  rescue and their hard work she said oh they didnt do it for free they getting paid she said that i must not kid my self they came in because they needed the overtime, i looked at her and walked out, there was nothing more to be said.


5-As a nurse leader, I would develop an outreach program that would benefit our much diverse population in our community. First I would create a vision of a needy program such as having a monthly health fair in the local adult community center.  Leaders and managers overlap in their job functions and this is where a leader can collaborate with the managers to carry out his or her vision.  With leader’s motivation and inspiration, and manager’s task–oriented skills and solid actions, the outreach program can become a reality.  Nurse Managers and Leaders must understand their roles and good communication is crucial to carry out plans either by verbal, non-verbal or written communications (Lecture 2, 2018).

  1. A      vision is your personal view that you create for the benefit of your      community
  2. Look      at your community makeup, for example, buildings, public spaces, jobs,      kind and types of people (cultural diverse)
  3. Think      of some of their needs and develop a vision
  4. Communicate      your vision and get feedback, talk to people, go to different community centers,      adult clinics and discuss your vision through seminars, posters, flyers      and get a feel of how strong your vision is
  5. Develop      a plan and strategies for your shared vision

Strategic planning is an organizational management process that allows you to involve your staff and monitor the results regularly.  We can be proactive and keep up and stay ahead with the changing trends in the workplace.  It can offer a great foundation with realistic objectives and goals.  It guides managers’ discussion and decision making in resources and budget for the vision.  It can increase profits, provide marketing success and have a strong foundation (Ong, 2015).

Now as a leader, you have to help people make this vision their own, so that with a sense of ownership everyone can work together in a committed group.  You should do this by communicating effectively and be courageous to all members in order to have the same basic goal of the vision.  The outreach program will be presented to the stakeholders, such as staff and board members during meetings and get feedback. Then step is to go out to the community center and execute the vision and finally get evaluation to see if changes need to be made.


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6-I think that in order to implement any kind of new program, I feel that it is necessary to do the research first. It is also necessary to have good communication with an effective way to present the information that has been gathered. The new program will need to share the same values of the stakeholders in your organization, so it will be important to ensure the match before the presentation. Huber explains that the following steps are useful in developing the framework of a new plan.

•Developing a strategic mission or vision

•Setting objectives

•Developing strategies to achieve the objectives

•Implementing the strategies

•Evaluating the results (Huber, 2014, p. 331).

After the information is gathered, I would develop a PowerPoint presentation that would allow for the information to be shown to the stakeholders. This would include a summarized list of the information, and a detailed packed would be given for reading on their own time. I would want to keep the information short, as I would not want to overwhelm or bore them with the topic. I would include a time for discussion and questions to be asked and answered. Good verbal abilities and eye contact would be necessary for a successful presentation.  In order for this plan to become a reality, the stakeholders of the organization would have to find common ground with the presenting nurse. When they are on the same page, there is the possibility to provide quite the impact on the members in need in the community.

Huber, D. (2014). Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 5th Edition. [Pageburstls].

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