SOCW670 Walden Leadership and Management Similarities Discussion

Respond to at least two colleagues by explaining whether you agree or disagree with your colleague’s analysis of the similarities and differences of leadership and management and their application to a potential supervisory position in a human services organization. Provide support for your position.

Response from Hilda

Similarities and differences in leadership and management roles

Leadership roles encourage others to act for a common goal. Management roles mediate and manage the organization and functions of the organization (Lauffer, 2011). The leadership and management roles are similar in that they use their knowledge and life experiences working with human services organizations.

The leadership and management roles are different in the amount of restriction the roles have. Management has legal and resource restrictions that create a barrier for the service organization to assist clients (Lauffer, 2011). An example is the legal definition of homelessness which prevents housing service organizations from providing services to the client the organization determines are in need of housing. If the legal homeless definition is not followed the organization can lose federal funding. The leadership role does not manage the legal restriction.

I understanding of these roles may affect you as you assume a supervisory position.

A social worker needs to be knowledge of all agency management roles and responsibilities to be an effective supervisor. Agency management roles and responsibilities can be document or undocumented. I self-identify as a person-centered leadership style. A person-centered supervisor develops each situation individually to produce a positive agency outcome (Lauffer, 2011). Understanding all agency and individual management and leadership roles and styles will assist the development of employees and have a positive outcome for the agency.


Lauffer, A. (2011). Understanding your social agency (3rd ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

Similarities and Differences

Response to Jeanie

Simalarities and differences

There are similarities between leadership and management as well as differences as they relate to human services organizations. A similarity between leadership and management are that they both work to getting things started, completing things, and continuing to move things forward (Lauffer, 2011). Leadership and management both strive to improve the life of the client through the agencies (Lauffer 2011). There are differences between leadership and management as well. Leadership is the ability to motivate others to operate around a similar vision or outcome (Lauffer, 2011). Management looks to control, coordinate, and supervise the agencies programs as well as, the application process of the agency (Lauffer, 2011).

Supervisory Position

The understanding of these roles that may affect me as I assume a supervisory position will be important. Supervision is a part of the management practice in agencies, and the style of management of the agency is applied to improve agency development of programs (Lauffer, 2011). Moving into a supervisory position will include empowering the policies of the agency and helping it grow or develop the programs, as well as, help with any barriers, strengthen areas that need support (Lauffer, 2011).


Lauffer, A. (2011). Understanding your social agency (3rd ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

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