Writing 39b Fairytale reflection

Choose one of the animal spouse tales as a model and rewrite it from the perspective of the Beast.

You may choose to write in the first person or third person using free indirect discourse—either way, your version of the tale should focus on the Beast’s thoughts, actions and individual voice, making him/her the protagonist of the story.

Consider how the Beast’s point of view might change the tale’s primary message and/or the audience’s response to the tale. Pay particular attention to how tone and word choice shape your portrayal of the Beast.

Feel free to add or invent any details you like, so long as your version of the tale is recognizable as an imitation of the model you’ve chosen—you may not alter your original tale’s plot structure.

At the end of your story, write a quick reflection (at least one full paragraph) that answers all of the questions below:

1. What kinds of details did you choose to characterize the Beast, his/her thoughts and feelings, motivations, point of view, etc.? How do these details contribute to your larger message about the Beast (who he/she is, what he/she represents, etc.)? Why did you include/omit these details?

2. How did you choose to organize the Beast’s thoughts and actions? What does the organization (not just the content, but the order in which the content occurs) say about the Beast’s thoughts, character, etc.?

3. What tone (attitude toward the subject) did you try to create in your story? How does this tone contribute to your overall message or to your larger rhetorical purpose? How did you try to convey this tone to your audience (consider word choice, sentence structure, organization, and your selection/omission of specific details)?

4. Who do you imagine is your intended audience for this retelling? What rhetorical effects on the audience did you try to create–put another way, what kinds of specific emotions and values did you want your reader to experience and/or relate to? Why should your rhetorical strategies (everything you discussed in questions 1-3) be effective?

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