Cathay Pacific Airway: China or the World?, Global Marketing Homework Help

There are 4 questions from the case study named Cathay Pacific Airway: China or the World? Can be found at (Page 632 to 640):

 1. Given the political complications, how attractive is the China mainland market? How would you evaluate the threat from Baiyun? What if China economic expansion shows down?

 2. What strategic alternative are there for Cathay to develop the mainland market? should it rely on Dragon-air, develop new alliance, or continue to go it alone? 

 3. how should Cathay develop and market its global im-age without diminishing its local/regional identity as the Hongkong (and China) carrier?

 4. Should Cathay focus on China by attempting to develop it further or instead focus on the overall global market? I require the questions to be answered separately 

(based on/around the context of the case study 500 words each

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